black ops 4

Have you heard about new video game called black ops 4 ? This game is made of CALL OF DUTY . This game has 17 or 18 games in total.  Black ops 4 is a first person shooter . Black ops 4 is  a game from people that are 17+. I  am a 11 year old and i play it with my younger brother.   Also my dad plays it so I learned how to play it.The first time I played I felt like I never wanted to let go of the controller.    I like it because it has cool guns and because it looks realistic. The bad thing is it has gore .  Some parents might not approve it.


Black ops 4 has missions, zombies and a new mode called battle royale. In battle royale you drop where you want to land then you pick up items you want and then you fight people.   The characters are based on military.  You can buy this game at gamestop, best buy , walmart and target . You can play it on ps4and  xbox s or x . also  you can play it on pc. The cost is $60 dollars.   The game is expensive at the beginning  then the price gets lower .


I am just saying this is a game where you will enjoy it and you should have it all the time .

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