New gifting in fortnite

So   today in this blog I will tell you the new gifting in Fortnite.  if you don’t know about the new gifting in fortnite .

I think fortnite made this because when your friend wants that skin or he or she does not have a skin then you can gift it to them  . And it is not just skins you can also gift gliders .So if you want to get your friend or someone else a skin then you go to the skin then it will say buy or buy as gift. This you tuber gave his friend (tfue) a skin. The reason he did that is because he got banned for “hacking” when he actually  did not . So then they took away his skins. Then he was a no skin. So when gifting came Cizzorz  donated to Tfue because he was a no skin .

I think the  new gifting in fortnite is cool because you can now gift people skins or gliders  to their account. Bye and see you guys next  time .


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