Free Battle Pass in Fortnite

In Fortnite there are these challenges called the Overtime challenges in Fortnite. If you do 13/20 challenges then you get a free battle pass.Getting 13 out of the 20 challenges are easy to do. One of the easiest one is thank the bus driver 7 times .  A battle pass means you get skins,emotes,wraps,spray paint, back packs and v-bucks . So if you have all the tiers then you will have  all the skins for that season. I think they did the free battle so more people will play the game. There will be a lot  season 8 skins than season 7 skins for sure. Fortnite never did this kind of thing before so this is a surprise to me.  A normal battle pass would cause 950 v-bucks for one tier and you get 25 tiers for 2800 v-bucks.

In this blog you read about a free battle you can get by doing 13 challenges . I hope you guys enjoy this blog and bye.


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