4 generations of range rover


In this blog you will be reading about a SUV company. The company name is RANGE ROVER . The reason I am writing this blog is because this car company is a Luxury Car .

Range Rover is  a SUV Company . There latest model is the 2019 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER . The Range Rover was launched in 1970 by British Leyland. Jaguar Land Rover has also extended the use of the Land Rover Range Rover sub-brand with the introduction of Range Rover Evoque, the Range Rover Velar and the Range Rover Sport.The brand has four generations.

  • The first generation is (1970-1976) . The first generation was only in a 2-door body until 1981,though prior to this 4-door models were produced by specialist firms.
  • The second generation (1994-2002). 25 years from the introduction of the first-generation Range Rover, the second-generation Range Rover—model-designation P38A—was introduced for the 1995 model year, with an updated version of the Rover v8 engine.
  • The third generation (2002- 2012). In 2002, the third-generation model was introduced, which saw the model move further up-market.Planned and developed under BMW ownership the third generation was to share components and systems (electronics, core power units etc.)
  • The forth generation (2012 – present). The fourth generation Range Rover, codenamed L405, was exhibited in September 2012 at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Have you wondered how many types of range rovers are there? There are currently three midsize Land Rover SUVs, which I think is where most people get confused. There’s the Land Rover Discovery, the Range Rover Velar, and the Range Rover Sport.

2019 Land Rover Range Rover


Image result for range rover 2019 land rover

The MSRP is $89,160 . The MPG is  up to 22 city / 28 highway. Dimensions: 197-207″ L x 78″ W x 72-74″ . Curb weight: 4,958 to 5,745 lbs. Warranty: 4 yr/50,000 mi basic, 4 yr/50,000 mi powertrain.    

In this blog post you read about 4 generations o

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