Have you heard a sport called soccer?Soccer is a sport where you try to kick the ball in the net. Soccer was made on December 13 1863. So Soccer was played more than 3,years ago .Soccer is a world wide sport. 250 million people play soccer . It is played over 200 countries. Soccer has thing called the world cup. Its when countries qualify and try to play against other countries .



Also some players run 8 miles.  On the field your team should only have 11 players .Soccer can be played on turf and indoor. You can have as many players  on the bench. In other countries they call it football instead  of soccer . The equipment you need  is socks,cleats, shin guards and your jersey.



Soccer has fouls to. If you do something wrong  you will get a yellow or red card. If you foul someone in the box then you will get a automatic red card .  There were alot of coaches banned from the game. Also players can be banned from soccer.

Soccer is a fun game and I think  everyone should play it.



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